Real Estate

Strategically based in Dammam on the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Fifth Dimension Real Estate has a continuous presence in the region with focus on development of commercial as well as industrial properties. Fifth Dimension are also involved in development of residential complexes. Fifth Dimension’s keen focus is to come up with iconic ideas & transform into real property with excellent future prosperity.


AlOsais Commercial Investment Co.

AORE Development is a Limited Liability Company established in 1998 that is 66.666% owned by 5th Dimension with the remaining 33.334% owned by Mr.  Abdullah Musbeh. The Company head office is located in Dammam.


  • Property trading & management
  • Customized property development with long term leasing agreements (such as camps, lay yards, warehouses..etc.)

Fifth Dimension Real Estate Investment Co.

Established in 2012 by 5th Dimension investment Hold. Co to cater for all the company’s Real Estate investment. SR 1 billion under management. The Company head office is located in Dammam.


  • Invest in Urban developments
  • Hospitality Investments
  • Private Equity Investments