Technology Solutions


Gulf Advanced Process Technologies

GAP Tech (Gulf Advanced Process Technologies) is a Saudi consulting firm specialized in the field of energy & process optimization, providing technical studies, software tools, training, and basic engineering for energy and process industries. We specialize in providing Integrated Energy and Utilities Performance Management solutions and Process Improvement Strategies that maximize operational efficiencies and help improve designs of complex, energy-intensive facilities.

Areas of Expertise

  • Energy & Utilities Management
  • Process Improvement & Upgrades
  • Water & Wastewater Minimization
  • Environmental Compliance

Our Services

  • Process Optimization Studies & Consulting
  • Training & Knowledge Management
  • Software for Process Optimization & Design
  • Turnkey Process Solutions

The Company operates in two main business tracks:

1. Consulting Track:

GAP-Tech provides high level engineering consulting services in: industrial process integration and optimization, process design reviews, and basic process engineering.

2. Software Marketable Programs:

GAP-Tech provides cost-effective proprietary software solutions for process plants to improve their operating conditions. We develop and maintain specialized decision support software applications that are based on patentable algorithms & procedures.