About 5D

Our Vision

Excellence in a variety of investments – both locally and globally

Our Mission

Delivering investment values and efficient involvement in the most promising and specialized
economic sectors’ development.

Our value

  1. Quality
  2. Integrity
  3. Responsibility

Our Humble Beginning

16-year-old Amer Moraisel left his home in Baljurashi to work for the newly opened jobs in Aramco. It was..
Amer was joined by his brother Ghurm and together they started building their company by leasing equipment..
The first years in the land of opportunity were hard. Amer worked in several jobs till he bought his own taxi..
The brothers approach to business was simple: to provide exceptional service, client selection, quality,..
By 1972, the brothers diversified into properties, construction, transportation & car service stations,..
By 2003, the two brothers owned a multi-million company in serving the whole Eastern Province..
In 2004, Amer passed away and the new Company Board decided to establish a Holding Company jointly between..
In 2010, Amer’s heirs decided to establish their own holding company (Fifth Dimension “5D”) to organize ..

Who We Are?

Fifth Dimension believes that with experience and performance already demonstrated in these core areas, it will be able to build upon past achievements and meet new opportunities in a fast-growing economic sector of Saudi Arabia. The selected core areas are some of the fastest growing in the hospitality sector. Market penetration will be through own organic growth and selective co-investment acquisitions.