Industrial Investment

Fifth Dimension’s Industrial Investment provides capital and strategic planning to mid/high-market companies wishing to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our investments companies mission is to improve and grow the investments through active long-term ownership. The Group carries out central functions such as investment decisions, strategy, business development, monitoring and financing of its investments throughout the region.

Middle East Resources Company – MERCO

The only Saudi manufacturer of Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and Oxidized waxes, widely used in all industries. This is used as an additive to improve the efficiency, surface modification and lubricity of finished products in rubber, Paint and Coatings. MERCOWAX ®, products is a well known brand in the GCC and also exported globally.


  • MERCO is a Saudi limited liability company established in 2002 and 100% owned by 5th Dimension
  • The company direct labor force currently stands at 27 employees


  • MERCO processes polyethylene and polypropylene transforming it into synthetic wax that is primarily used as lubricant & Modifier.
  • Raw materials are mainly provided from SABIC & QAPCO

Location & Plant

  • The plant is located in Dammam 2nd Industrial City
  • The size of the plant is 5,000 sqm rented from the MODON through a 20 years renewable lease contract.
  • The company’s production capacity is 6,000 tons.