The sectors of the Fifth Dimension Investment Holding Company focused on investment diversification locally and globally in several commercial, industrial and service activities and working according to well-studied strategic plans that keep pace with the times and the future.

Local investment sectors

1. Real estate development

The Fifth Dimension Investment Holding Company operates under the concept of investing in real estate assets on a diverse geographic distribution throughout Saudi Arabia. Company’s investment portfolio contributes to investing in a number of attractive sub-areas in driven by the increased demand for the real estate market., including:

“We seize changes to maximize returns on investment throughout the medium and long terms..”
  • Hospitality sector
  • Owning and leasing residential and commercial buildings
  • Investing in the urban development of cities
  • Strategic partnerships with operators of different sectors.

2. Industrial Sector

Given that the sector is a significant contributor to the national economy and one of the emerging economic pillars, the Fifth Dimension Investment Holding Company started allocating some of its portfolio to investments in this expanding industry.

3. Partnership & Equities.

By focusing on long-term capital growth, the company is investing in local equities, sukuk & local strategic alliances in order to create steady streams of income

International Investment Sectors

1. Global Money Market

The Fifth Dimension Investment Holding Company always endeavors to diversify its investment portfolio, both into global equities and bonds. This is done in order to find quality assets with long-term potential, as well as looking for opportunities that diversify the company’s risk. Focuses on high-quality securities with long-term prospects, in order to reduce uncertainty and maximize returns.

2. Real Estate Funds

Investing in income-generating real estate funds is considered as an important diversification and a long-term investment that secures&stable liquidity, after selecting the funds according to several considerations such as: managerpast performance, quality of the project, geographical location and others.

3. Specialized Funds

The company invests in multiple funds, including hedge funds, venture capital, mutual fund and other diversified funds, after a comprehensive study of the fund, the manager and past performance, if any.

4. Strategic Partnerships

Fifth Dimension Investment Holding Company is always on the lookout for alliances and partnerships that will help the company and its local market prosper, focusing on quality and sustainability.